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Message On Hold for the Pizza Industry

Calls are the principle driving force behind your business if you are in the pizza industry. If you put a customer on hold and they hang up, you have lost a sale. Just one sale lost this way each day can amount to thousands of dollars in lost annual revenue. Furthermore, skipping the opportunity to upsell a customer because your staff is too busy is another lost revenue opportunity that can easily account for thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Improving your call handling efficiency can therefore directly impact your bottom line. Message on hold is a cost effective technology that can be used to address these scenarios.

Message On Hold caters to the pizza industry, with years of experience crafting pizza-related messages to optimize your on hold marketing. We can provide our own industry experience to help guide you through the process of crafting an effective greeting and promotional messages that have proven their effectiveness within the industry. Don't settle for a generic provider when Message On Hold can provide the expertise your pizza business needs to increase profitability.

Our pizza industry clients range from independent pizzerias to national pizza chains. No set-up is too large for us to handle; chances are we've already handled a similar scenario for another pizza company. With Message On Hold you get piece of mind that you have a knowledgeable industry partner that is able to increase your profit margins.

Not sure whether Message On Hold is the right solution for you? We offer a risk-free 60 day trial. You pay nothing for the first 60 days, during which time we provide the same level of support that all of our valued customers enjoy. At the end of 60 days, you can decide whether to continue service or return the equipment.

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