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What is “Message On Hold?”

Message On Hold creates the perfect audio mix of licensed music and customized messages about your business. You can educate and inform callers whenever they must be placed “On-Hold” by utilizing state of the art digital equipment connected to your telephone system, and regular production updates.

Message On Hold can transform your “hold” line into an information line allowing you to: project a professional image, provide a unique opportunity to promote your products and services, create customer good will, decrease hang-ups, offer helpful suggestions, emphasize special promotions, sales or high profit items, and announce events, business hours and locations.

Features & Benefits

Reduces Hang Ups
Research has shown that hang ups will decline from 50% to as much as 75%. Our current customers have reported similar results, especially during peak, rush hours. Saving an average of only 1 hang up per day at an average value of $12.50 can save you nearly $4,500 dollars a year and improve customer satisfaction

Increases Up Selling
Research has also shown that 16% to 20% of customers on hold will buy additional products and services they heard about while on hold. Customers on hold are a captive audience, which is unlike any other advertising opportunity. This captive, ready to buy audience is extremely responsive to pizza specials and add on products like wings, salads, subs and Twisty bread. These add on sales are high profit and have raised average ticket prices by 46¢.

Results are Easily Trackable
Computerized stores have created “on hold”specials and use separate coupon codes to track each offer. Non computerized stores can track results by creating specials not currently promoted through other media, and tracking the “heard it on hold” responses. This allows you to adjust your messages to get your best return.

Professional Image
Enhance your customer service. Show your customers you respect their valuable time and create a sharper image by providing them with important information while they're on hold. This will be a strong competitive advantage helping you stand out from the rest.

Message On Hold Support
Message On Hold is one of the pioneers of the industry. We provide a turnkey service including copy writing professional voice talents, digital equipment, installation support, a three year product replacement warranty, fax or call reminders to update your messages, and many other services. Their number one objective is to become a valued business partner, creating custom messages designed to give you your desired return on investment


Complete Turnkey Solution
Starts at only $75 per month!

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