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The benefits of providing on hold marketing messages to your callers are obvious, including reduced order abandonment, upselling opportunities, and more efficient call prioritization. Understanding the benefits puts you on the right track to increasing profits, but you also should be careful that the solution you choose does not eliminate profitability. Message On Hold understands this equation and provides an incredible value that is guaranteed to increase your bottom line.

Do not sacrifice quality in the search for affordable hardware solutions. Message On Hold provides industry leading digital solutions that support 6,12, or even unlimited phone lines. Free on-site hardware installation makes getting started easy and eliminates set up fees. We provide a three year equipment warranty to safeguard your investment. This eliminates the concern that equipment breakage will leave you with unexpected hardware replacement costs.

Once your digital equipment has been set up by a trained technician, Message On Hold will load customized recordings that promote your company and products when a caller is placed on hold. Targeted messages that promote sales are produced in consultation with you and produced in-house using professional voice talent. Your message comes through to callers with crystal clarity on your digital equipment.

As long as you maintain your account with Message On Hold, we will produce and install an unlimited number of message productions to your equipment. No need to worry about the cost of adding a new promotion to your on hold marketing or swapping in a holiday-themed greeting; it's included with your low-cost monthly package fee.

Not sure you will be happy with the result? Message On Hold provides a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. If you do not see an increase in ticket amounts, a decrease in hang ups, and improved call handling at your store, simply let us know at the end of 60 days and return the equipment for a complete refund.

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