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Message On Hold Basic Package

Our basic package plays custom messages about your business to callers when you place them on hold. Those messages may outline employment opportunities, side items, manager's specials, or provide general information. Research indicates callers will remain on hold 130% longer with a message playing than if they simply hear silence. This gives you the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell while your customer is on hold. We offer a number of packages, starting with the MOH Basic package.

Although it is the most economical message on hold solution, the MOH Basic package includes digital equipment just like our higher end solutions. Your MOH Basic packages starts with free installation and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems or questions, you may call our toll-free support for helpful and courteous assistance. We warranty your equipment for 3 years, so you can be assured of continuous operation without surprise expenses.

Once the message on hold hardware is in place, we can load customized greetings, which involves our message production service. Message production includes sound checks, rights cleared background music and professional voice talent for customized audio voice-overs. If we do not get your marketing message perfect the first time, we will happily produce another message. In fact, you get unlimited productions as long as you maintain your account with us. Would you like to try a different marketing approach, promote a special, or provide holiday-related greetings? Now you can without fear of skyrocketing production costs.

A final consideration is how many lines our MOH Basic package can accommodate. There's no need to worry with our basic package; it can handle an unlimited number of phone lines. Click here to compare the features of our MOH Basic package to our other offerings.

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