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If you are like most businesses, you are constantly looking for a way to increase profit margins and reduce expenses. If you are in an industry that relies heavily on telephones for placing and fulfilling orders, your telecommunications processes most likely represent the best opportunity for you to focus efforts on increasing profitability. Done properly, message on hold can become an essential component of your telecommunications strategy.

The first consideration is pairing the proper technology to your business. With technologies including message on hold, auto attendant, and Sutus, we can help you identify a solution that matches the number of locations, lines per location, available phone staff, hours of operation, and order logistics. All of our hardware solutions are digital and incorporate powerful features. Once we have helped you identify the proper hardware, we will coordinate a free on-site installation by a trained professional.

Our support does not end there. Message On Hold will work with you to create proper scripts that leverage your products and services, conduct sound checks, line up the proper in-house voice talent, and produce targeted messages that promote sales. This is an important component that is often overlooked, with many providers lacking the proper resources to produce quality messages or viewing message production as a revenue generator. Message On Hold is your on hold marketing partner, producing unlimited messages as required for no additional fee. It is truly in our interest to provide you with only the highest quality audio productions.

Even after your hardware has been set up and is handling your calls, we provide ongoing support with 3 year hardware replacement guarantee, toll-free customer support, and ongoing message updates. Don't leave support and message production costs out of the equation; we include them in our economical plans that start at only $75 per month.

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