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Free message on hold for 60 days

Message On Hold is so confident that you will see the value of our services that we offer a free 60 day trial, that includes equipment and as many professional messages as you like. There are absolutely no gimmicks associated with this risk-free offer. If after 60 days you do not see an increase in average sale tickets, decreased hang-ups, and improved employee productivity, simply return the equipment at no charge to you. You may even keep the customized messages we record for your company!

It may not be obvious how message on hold can benefit your business or even how the technology works. Perhaps you are concerned that the equipment may not work with your business. You probably do not have the time to read through long marketing brochures and you are unlikely to invest in a solution that has not proven its worth. We understand, which is why we took the bold step of offering our equipment, professional voice talent, and excellent customer service to try for 60 days at no risk or expense to you.

Our on hold messages and equipment is provided as a monthly service at very reasonable rates. Taking advantage of our free 60 day message on hold trial will not inflate your monthly fee or incur any hidden charges should you decide to continue to use our services. If you are not sure whether message on hold is right for your business, this is an incredible opportunity to find out, without requiring any financial obligation or purchase commitment on your part. This is truly a free message on hold solution for you to try for 60 days.

Already have message on hold? We are confident you will be so impressed with our customer service and voice talent that you will quickly want to switch to Message On Hold. You will also appreciate our unlimited message production policy. With our free message on hold solution, you can try us without risk.

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